Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song Wiki

An album containing the songs that appeared in the TV anime Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song. Includes all the songs sung by the diva AI in the series. Character design: digital jacket drawn by Yuichi Takahashi, three-sided sleeve case specification. Includes a special booklet.

CD Tracklist[]

Disc 1[]

# Tracks Artist Duration
01 Sing My Pleasure Vivy (Vo. Kairi Yagi) 4:53
02 Happy Together General-Purpose Songstress AI (Vo. Miya Kotsuki) 3:46
03 My Code Vivy (Vo. Kairi Yagi) 4:29
04 A Tender Moon Tempo Vivy (Vo. Kairi Yagi) 4:46
05 Ensemble for Polaris Estella (Vo. Licca) & Elizabeth (Vo. Noa) 4:38
06 Sing My Pleasure (Grace Ver.) Grace (Vo. Hikari Kodama) 3:37
07 Galaxy Anthem Diva (Vo. Kairi Yagi) 4:31
08 Elegy Dedicated With Love Ophelia (Vo. acane_madder) 4:46
09 Harmony of One's Heart Diva (Vo. Kairi Yagi) 3:36
10 Fluorite Eye's Song Vivy (Vo. Kairi Yagi) 5:44