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The Singularity Project (シンギュラリティ計画 Shingyurariti Keikaku?) is a project created by Dr. Matsumoto .


To change the the future war between AIs and humans that will happen 100 years from now on, stop AIs from advancing further and to prevent the events that will affect the future war.

Singularity Points[]

  • These are the events that founded the war, and by stopping these events they can avoid the war in the future. Changing an event also leads to changes in the present timeline. These are called Singularity effects. Later on, Diva discusses that the sisters always show up in singularity points to which Matsumoto points out as a coincidence.

Assassination of Aikawa Yoichi and the AI naming law: In the original timeline, Aikawa Yoichi is murdered by Toak. The building collapsed due to an explosion caused by Toak and little of his original form was found in the building, said Matsumoto. The AI naming law, which focuses on giving AIs human rights, was passed by other assemblymen in order to ensure his death wasn't in vain. This event is the subsequent foundation that led to the war years later by thinning the line between AIs and humans. In the revised timeline, Aikawa's murder was evaded by Diva's protection along with Matsumoto. They jumped into the other occupied building, where in the records, it was not affected by the bomb. The resultant effect was that a new law was improvised which favored the AIs even more.

The Sunrise Space Hotel Crash: In the original timeline, the Sunrise space hotel is said to have been sabotaged by the "defective" AI Estella. This tragedy dramatically falters the relations between humans and AIs, which supposedly acts as a catalyst toward the AI Uprising.

The Metal Float: The Metal Float is a milestone in the progress of AI evolution. To prevent the excessive evolution of AI, and therefore the AI Uprising itself, as outlined by the goal of the singularity project, the Metal Float must be shut down.

Ophelia + AI Suicide: The suicide of Ophelia, the first suicide of an AI in recorded history, instigated the suicide of AIs around the world. As a result, the subject of whether AIs have souls is brought to the forefront of public discourse, further blurring the line between AI and humans prior to the AI Uprising. The cause of the phenomenon is unknown. In the revised timeline, Ophelia and Antonio appear to be part of a double suicide in the eyes of the public, inciting the same uproar as the first timeline. However, since no AI suicides follow suit, the singularity point is said to be resolved. It is foreshadowed that the actions of an outside force is responsible.