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Ophelia (オフィーリア Ofīria?) is a character in the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song series.


Ophelia is an AI who has long black hair which reaches all the way to her knees. Fitting to her hair Ophelia usually wears a transparent black dress which reveals her underwear. She has brown eyes and wears long, cablelike, earrings. Ophelia also wears a black necklace with a deep blue, oval gemstone in it's center.


An AI singer who performs at small theaters around the world. Her primary programming is the same as Diva’s, which is to make everyone happy with her singing. In her daily life she can be a little shy and clumsy, but when she gets on stage to sing, she always delivers a powerful performance.


Ophelia is an AI who sang at a small theater where she hardly had any guests. Sometime later her body was infiltrated by Antonio. Later on, she was invited to the Zodiac Signs Festival and will perform her first debut there.

In the original plot, it was shown that she died by falling off at the top of the festival building. This was later the topic of the news and it was called Ophelia's suicide.

Ophelia's body after the impact

The event hugely impacted the AI history and it was the AI first suicide, which was considered taboo. People discussed about the suicide event and they claimed that AIs cannot do suicide without any emotions, and was claimed that AIs were human too. This claim served to blur the lines between AIs and humans.

In the Singularity Project, the suicide is later avoided by Matsumoto with the help of Diva and the mission was completed. The cause of the suicide is unknown.


  • Diva gives Ophelia a white flower as a sign of her trust. Later on Matsumoto realises that he has been tricked because Ophelia wasn't wearing the white flower.
  • Ophelia is based on a character of the same name in the Shakespearean play Hamlet.