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| name = Navi
| name = Navi
| image = Navi Anime Design.png
| image = Matsumoto Anime Design.png
| japanese = ナビ
| japanese = ナビ
| romaji = Navi
| romaji = Navi

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Navi (ナビ Navi?) is a secondary character in the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song series, used as a navigation system for NiaLand employees.


Rather than taking a humanoid AI form, Navi is a talking machine.


Navi is described as someone with a bad mouth who is harsh on Vivy.


A navigation system used by NiaLand employees.
Has a bad mouth and is harsh on Vivy.



  • Navi's name is taken from the katakana of Navigation (ナビゲーション Nabigēshon?).