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Navi (ナビ Navi?) is a secondary character in the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song series, used as a navigation system for NiaLand employees.


Rather than taking a humanoid AI form, Navi is a talking machine.


Navi is described as someone with a bad mouth who is harsh on Vivy.


Navi appears mostly during the first half of the story, acting as a partner/companion to Diva.

Navi meets Vivy one last time in the final timeline. Before the encounter, Navi is informed by the Archive of Vivy's participation in the Singularity Project. During the encounter, Navi takes the guise of Momoka Kirishima to dissuade Vivy from performing her rendition of Fluorite Eye's Song, as doing so will essentially kill her and render her unable to complete her mission. However, this endeavor proves to be unsuccessful, and Vivy proceeds to sing.

Navi, still donning the appearance of Momoka, is seen one last time applauding Vivy's final performance before vanishing.



  • Navi's name is taken from the katakana of Navigation (ナビゲーション Nabigēshon?).