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Momoka Kirishima (霧島 モモカ Kirishima Momoka?) is a character in the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song series.


Momoka is a short girl with brown hair that is styled in pigtails supported by two pink hair accessories with bangs hanging over her forehead and brown eyes.


Momoka has a loving and charming personality and cared a lot about Diva.


Momoka was helped by Diva once when she got lost in NiaLand. Since then, she has grown attached to her and deeply cares about her. She wanted to hear Diva sing on the Main Stage and gave her the nickname Vivy (ヴィヴィ).

She dies in a plane crash at the end of Episode 2.


  • The name Momoka is written in katakana (モモカ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (百花, 桃花 or 桃香), it could possibly mean:
    • 百花 - "hundred" (百) (momo) and "flower, blossom" (花) (ka).
    • 桃花 - "peach" (桃) (momo) and "flower, blossom" (花) (ka).
    • 桃香 - "peach" (桃) (momo) and "fragrance, fragrant" (香) (ka).
  • Momoka's surname Kirishima means "fog, mist, haze" (霧) (kiri) and "island" (島) (shima).


  • Matsumoto uses the nickname Momoka gave as alias for Diva during their secret mission on Sunrise.
  • Matsumoto assumes the form of the teddy bear Momoka gives to Vivy as a birthday present.