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Matsumoto (マツモト Matsumoto?) is the other main character asides from Vivy in the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song series.


Matsumoto takes upon different forms during the anime.

As he first meets Diva he is an AI program without a physical form. Soon though he assumes the form of a blue teddybear which was given to Diva by Momoka Kirishima as a birthday present.

Later on, he officially showed his true form (Cube) to Diva as he says that the technology of this era has caught up.


Matsumoto has a joyful tone when he normally talks, and is seriously dedicated to the Singularity Project. He is often treated by Diva badly but the treatment decreased a little bit in the following episodes.

He is described as despicable by Diva which he doesn't mind.

Matsumoto will do anything to complete missions in the Singularity Project. As he discarded Diva in the project since she malfunctioned after destroying Grace and witnessing Tatsuya Saeki commits suicide due to Grace's death in the Metal Float Arc

He also does not lend a hand to people who died naturally like Momoka Kirishima who died in a plane crash and Kakitani who nearly died in a falling debris.


To carry and complete the Singularity Project with Diva.


Matsumoto is an AI created by Dr. Matsumoto whose mission is to change the course of history to prevent a war between AIs and humans that will prove catastrophic to humanity.

He only wakes up at singularity points, which are events that affect the future, and by changing it they can avoid the war between AIs and humans.


  • Combat mode - As an advanced AI from the future, he has tons of combat ability. It is shown that this combat mode is able to be transferred to other AI but interferes with the AI's sole mission.
  • Hiding presences - As an advanced AI from the future, he is able to hide his presence in virus scanners, the Archive and even sensors like Navi
  • Advanced Hacking - He is able to hack security cameras and any AI in the perimeter. He is even able to switch in bodies such as the teddy bear given to Diva. Other extents of ability are bomb stopping and activation, and forced shutdown.
  • Cloning and Transformation - He is able to create clones of himself by hacking AI creation devices. He can create and transform in to different forms like a ridable jet and a robotic horse.
  • Virus creation - As an advanced AI from the future, he is able to create viruses that paralyze and reboot the AI's memory, as shown in the battle between Diva and Elizabeth.
  • Copying - By analyzing and calculations, he is able to copy any program such as the Electronic Warfare Program and use it against the enemy.


  • Matsumoto doesn't have a name, so he assumes Dr. Matsumoto's name as his developer.
  • Matsumoto's vehicle formation, as seen during the Metal Float incident, is comprised of 125 total cubes.
  • According to a staff member, Minecraft was used to draft Matsumoto's flight-enabled form.