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Grace (グレイス Gureisu?) is a character in the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song series.


Grace is an AI with brown eyes and black hair which she wears tied together with red ribbons. She wears an all white nurses dress paired with white stockings, arm long gloves and shoes. Her shoes are adorned with green ribbons and she also wears a green ribbon around her neck.


Grace is kind and empathetic, largely due to her mission as a nurse AI.


As a AI nurse that works at hospitals and research institutions, her purpose is to protect human life in her work as a nurse. She is a kind angel in white, always smiling, and ever gentle and reassuring with her patients. Whilst she was being proposed to by Saeki, news of the Sunrise Hotel having fell down became apparent. In order to accommodate for the rapid evolution of AI from that event, she was used for another mission as a core for the Metal Float. Her husband Saeki has been trying to get her back ever since, until Vivy came and shut her and the island down.