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"Harmony of One’s Heart – My Mission, Your Future" is the ninth episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


“Hey, can you hear me? Don’t you think this song I'm singing sounds beautiful?”

The ugly truth behind the tragedy that has befallen Ophelia, is that her support AI, Antonio, has taken over her body. With his identity blown, Antonio attacks Matsumoto in order to hide Ophelia’s truth. Kakitani captures Diva and confesses his hatred for AIs while forcibly trying to awaken Vivy who is inside of her. Will Diva and Matsumoto be able to safely fix the Singularity Point…?


This Yugo is revealed to be an AI copy of him created to ask Vivy why she deviated from her programming, revealing that his hatred for AIs stems from his AI pianist teacher deviating from his programming and dying whilst trying to save people in a car accident. Meanwhile, Antonio attacks and hacks Matsumoto whilst criticizing him for only existing for his programming. However, Matsumoto is able to break free by admitting that he cares for Vivy and hacks Antonio, breaking his control over Ophelia but also fatally damaging them, with them admitting their love for each other in their final moments. Back with Vivy, Yugo uploads a virus to restore her memories as Vivy at the cost of her current personality as Diva. Fortunately, Matsumoto comes to her rescue and a fight ensues which ends with Yugo being fatally damaged. Noticing that Yugo had technology from the future, Matsumoto questions him and he reveals he got it from an anonymous source before dying after telling Diva to realize her contradictions. Realizing she does not have long due to Yugo's virus, Diva spends her final moments performing before shutting down for good whilst Vivy wakes up in her place.


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