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"Elegy Dedicated With Love – My One and Only Beloved Partner" is the eighth episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


“Nothing is more important than singing an amazing song…that will allow me to fulfill my life's mission.”

Diva is astonished when she hears from Matsumoto that Vivy's mission is to prevent a war between humanity and AIs. He also explains to Diva that his current aim is to stop Ophelia from taking her own life. Ophelia is a songstress AI who just finished an incredible performance during rehearsal. As a principle, AIs are forbidden from self-destruction, so Diva approaches Ophelia to prevent her from committing suicide.


Matsumoto explains to Diva that, in the original timeline, Ophelia's suicide, which was unprecedented for an AI, sparked a string of similar incidents that would blur the line between AIs and humans. While the amnesiac Diva remains skeptical, she does not want Ophelia to die and decides to confront her. During their conversation, Ophelia tells Diva about her old manager AI, Antonio, who mysteriously shut down a few years ago. Later, Diva talks with Matsumoto about their previous relationship while watching Ophelia's show before deciding to confront her again, only to once again run into the suspicious man and get knocked out by him. Meanwhile, Matsumoto, who had been watching Ophelia through security cameras, realizes the cameras were hacked and rushes to stop her suicide. However, upon confronting her and concluding that she is grieving over her former manager, Ophelia bursts out laughing before revealing the real Ophelia is gone and that she is actually Antonio, having taken over her body. Elsewhere, Diva wakes up to find she has been captured by the suspicious man, who looks just like a younger Yugo.


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