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"Galaxy Anthem – To Make Everyone Happy With My Singing" is the seventh episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


“I’ll perform perfectly as usual. To bring happiness to everyone with my singing.”

Diva's daily performances on the main stage are sold out, and she has cemented her position as the indisputable AI songstress of NiaLand. She is invited to perform at the Zodiac Signs Festival, which will feature AI singers from around the world, but is pulled into a precarious situation during the rehearsal. At that moment, a cube-shaped AI that she has supposedly never seen before appears in front of her and…


Following the Metal Float incident, Diva's mental break forced her to undergo a complete reboot, causing her to lose all memory of her time as Vivy. Forty years later, she is now a legendary idol set to perform on her dream stage during the Zodiac Signs Fes, a festival created to dispel human-AI discord. There, she meets fellow songstress AI Ophelia, who is a fan of hers. However, while rehearsing Diva notices a suspicious man and gives chase but is ambushed by a hacked factory AI. Fortunately, she is saved by the timely appearance of Matsumoto, who calls her "Vivy". Realizing they knew each other before she lost her memory, Diva tries to talk to him but he denies ever having met her. Before the show begins, though, she once again confronts Matsumoto and blackmails him into revealing the truth. Matsumoto tells her about their past exploits, but she is skeptical and decides to confront the suspicious man instead. However, Matsumoto has no idea who this individual is and decides he must act quickly to complete his current mission: to prevent Ophelia from committing suicide, which would create an unprecedented moment in the history of AIs.


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