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"Sing My Pleasure – I Love You" is the sixth episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


"I'm sorry to accept it. Thank you for your continued support."

Diva and Matsumoto tried to stop the function of "Metal Float" using the virus entrusted to them by Dr. Saeki. However, the program invites the facility's AI to run away and intercept Toak, who was trying to invade the island-the fact of "AI attacking humans" is born.

Vivy and her friends travel to the center of the island to help the attacked members of Toak and stop the runaway.


Dr. Saeki decides to head to the Metal Float himself, after realizing his shutdown program failed, remembering how he first fell in love with Grace.

Vivy is able to rescue Kakitani and several Toak members and convinces them to retreat from the Metal Float. Realizing Saeki is on the island, Vivy confronts him and he admits that he intended to shut down the island so he could meet with Grace again. He reveals that his current attendant is simply a replica of Grace and that the original was converted into Metal Float's central core on the same day he proposed to her. However, the shutdown code has caused a conflict with Grace's programm, causing the entire island to go berserk instead.

Learning from Matsumoto that Grace is already beyond saving, Vivy reluctantly resolves to kill her to avoid further casualties. She then proceeds to fight her way to the core and successfully destroys Grace, finally shutting down the facility. Afterward, though, Saeki commits suicide out of grief, leaving Vivy in shock.


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