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"Sing My Pleasure – To Make You Smile" is the fifth episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


“I want to protect your smile, because you love AIs”

After the Sunrise incident, the audiences for Vivy’s stage performances grow day by day. Matsumoto appears once again in front of Vivy and informs her that AI technology is advancing quicker than what was recorded in history. In order to stop this, he states that their new mission will be to shut down the unmanned plant on the ocean, Metal Float. Matsumoto and Vivy rush to meet the researcher who helped to build this plant.


Five years after the Sunrise incident, AI development has progressed much more compared to the original timeline, as has Vivy's idol career.

Matsumoto reappears with a new mission: to slow down the out-of-control AI progress by disabling an unmanned AI factory named Metal Float. To do so, they approach ex-Toak member Dr. Tatsuya Saeki and procure a virus from him that will allegedly shut down the facility. Vivy also meets Saeki's AI attendant, Grace, and Matsumoto explains that they were the first human-AI couple in the original timeline, which now never happened due to their alternations.

Vivy and Matsumoto successfully infiltrate the Metal Float where they are greeted by the all-AI staff. Unfortunately, just then, a Toak flotilla attacks the island and Vivy, despite some hesitation, uploads the virus into the AI's to avoid conflict. However, rather than shuting them down, the virus makes the AI's go berserk and they use themselves as kamikaze bombers to destroy the Toak ships. Vivy manages to rescue a survivor, though, who happens to be Kakitani.


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