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"Ensemble for Polaris – Our Promise" is the fourth episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


"This child will definitely return to Earth safely."

Estella is said to drop the space hotel "Sunrise" to the ground.

However, as Diva interacts with Estella, she becomes skeptical of the difference between Matsumoto's information and her impressions. At that time, the control of the Sunrise is lost much faster than Matsumoto expected.

In the turmoil, Vivy begins to investigate the cause in order to save the passengers and Momoka's younger sister, Yuzuka.


Yuzuka asks Vivy if she is Diva, who her late sister was a fan of, but denies it. Vivy and Yuzuka run into Estella, but Vivy notices that she is not wearing her wristband and realizes she is an impostor sent by Toak. The impostor attacks and damages Vivy's right arm, but Vivy and Yuzuka escape. The two end up in the cargo bay where Vivy sees Leclerc's body and replaces her damaged arm with Leclerc's.

Vivy heads for Estella's office to inform her of the situation, and Estella realizes that the imposter is Elizabeth, Estella's identical twin from the Sisters series who was deemed a failure and disposed of.

Vivy and Estella run towards the control room to stop the descent and encounter Elizabeth, who reveals that she had spread the rumors about Estella killing the previous owner, and was taken in by Toak to carry out their anti-AI agenda. Vivy defeats Elizabeth allowing Estella to get to the control room, but it is too late to stop the hotel's descent. Estella stays behind and splits the hotel into pieces so that it all burns up in the atmosphere, while Vivy evacuates with the guests and employees. In their final moments, Estella and Elizabeth reconcile and sing a duet for the evacuating guests as they burn with the hotel, while Vivy tells Yuzuka that she is Diva. Despite being unable to save the hotel and the Sisters, the goal of maintaining the reputation of AIs is accomplished


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