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"A Tender Moon Tempo – A Pleasant Chat with the Stars" is the third episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


Time has passed since the incident surrounding Senator Aikawa, and the audience has stopped at Diva's stage more than before. One day, Matsumoto, who reappears in front of Vivi, requests boarding of the space hotel "Sunrise" as the next revision of history. Diva goes up into space with Matsumoto while struggling with the gap with his original mission.


15 years have passed since the last episode.Diva is seen performing on a stage in NiaLand in front of a larger audience.

Out of the blue Matsumoto appears once again and reveals that they must work together another time as a new singularity point has appeared. Diva disagrees at first as even though the AI naming law failed to pass a new law has taken effect in its place. It is a law even more favorable to AIs than the naming law. The new law caused AI's to increase in number and evolve at an unprecedented rate. Diva agrees to Matsumoto's new mission application though as she is informed about the amount of lives that are at stake.

Matsumoto and Diva secretly travel to the Sunrise space hotel to prevent it from crashing onto the earth. The hotel's current owner, Estella is supposedly the one who crashes it onto earth. Matsumoto calls her the most grievously defective AI in history.

Diva doubting the information Matsumoto provided her with decides to investigate Estella. She talks learns about the previous hotel owner discovering that the man died and was suppossedly killed by Estella. Diva manages to clear her suspicion on Estella though as she discovers that Estella did not kill the previous owner. Diva assumes for herself that Estella would never kill anyone. Later Diva meets Yuzuka Kirishima, Momoka's sister on the hotel while Leclerc, one of the AI staff members of the hotel, is killed by Estella.


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