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"Quarter Note – The Beginning of the One Hundred-Year Journey" is the second episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


"This is where your 100-year journey begins."

One of the causes of the war between AI and humans, that will take place 100 years from now, is the death of the politician, Assemblyman Youichi Aikawa. As Diva and Matsumoto work to avert this tragedy, they are confronted by the anti-AI terrorist group "Toak", who attack Aikawa. However, Diva, who was created to sing, has few means of opposition, and is gradually driven into a corner by the onslaught of Toak.


Aikawa is attacked by Toak, a terrorist organization harboring Anti-AI ideology. Originally Aikawa's death was the cause for an AI naming law to be passed in the future. Diva and Matsumoto are at the site to prevent Aikawa's death though.

Having infiltrated Aikawa's office, under the cover of a guard AI, Diva manages to escape with Aikawa. She is hit by a logical bullet which Kuwana fired though and is thus unable to fight for a bit. While Kuwana aims to eliminate both of them, Matsumoto tampers with his goggles to make him believe that he killed Diva and Aikawa, which actually is not the case.

In the meantime Toak has been setting up explosives in the building to blow it up. To their dismay Matsumoto hacks the bombs and uses the explosives against them. After Matsumoto decides to ignite some bombs Kakitani is trapped under some debris from the explosion, which is about to crush him. Diva decides to save him.

Diva and Aikawa successfully escape to the top of the building before Matsumoto blows up the rest of the bombs and the team flees onto a neighboring building. Following the incident Matsumoto and Diva agree to work together.

The episode ends with Diva witnessing Momoka's death. Diva sees the news about a plane crash caused by fuel leak in engine and notices that Momoka is a passenger. Not wanting Momoka to die Diva tries to prevent the plane crash but is stopped by Matsumoto. Matsumoto is trying to prevent Diva from unnecessarily altering history, going as far as damaging Diva's body since she will not listen to him.


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