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"Fluorite Eye's Song" is the thirteenth and final episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


“…My mission is to bring happiness to everyone with my singing”

Vivy was the first AI to write a song with her own will. As the first AI to utilise her own creativity and being the AI that has had the most contact with humans in the one hundred-year journey, the Archive entrusts Vivy with a choice that will determine the survival of humanity. Vivy is almost crushed by the weight of this responsibility, but after being urged on by Matsumoto, who has been her partner for the last one hundred years, and seeing Dr. Matsumoto risk his life for everyone, she executes the Singularity Project in order to save humanity. Using this last chance, will she be able to fulfill her mission of bringing happiness to everyone with her singing?


After being sent back in time, Vivy quickly informs Matsumoto of the situation and, at Osumu's request, immediately approaches Toak, resulting in the scientist's death but also saving vital resources. Using her foreknowledge, Vivy instructs Matsumoto and Toak to assault the Arayashiki Tower while she returns to Nialand's main stage to shut down every AI using her song, considering it a "fitting stage". Along the way, she runs into her old manager AI, Navi, who desperately tries to dissuade her as Vivy herself will also be affected by the shutdown. However, she presses on regardless and the plan ends in success, with the Archive's satellite attack being aborted and all AIs being disabled, at the price of Vivy shutting down herself as well. Afterward, humanity begins to rebuild whilst Vivy is reconstructed some undisclosed time later. Though once again finding herself without any memory of her time as Vivy, Matsumoto reminds her of her mission to "make everyone happy with her singing" and she begins looking forward to her next stage.


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