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"Refrain – My Mission" is the twelfth episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


“…What does the heart mean to you?”

“Our aim is to annihilate all of humanity.” Based on the calculations of the Archive, the integrated AI database, humanity is now on the brink of extinction. As the countdown to human extinction begins, Vivy and Matsumoto decide to join forces with their archenemy, Toak, in order to plan a strategy to break into Arayashiki, the core of the Archive. However, Matsumoto notices a possible solution which he presents to Vivy, after she is contacted by the Archive.


Vivy confronts the Archive about its motives and it reveals that it intends for AIs to replace humans, as it finds the latter have pushed their burdens onto the former. However, it also states its amazement at Vivy's ability to write a song and makes a bet with her: if Vivy "sings from her heart", it will halt its actions. Toak launches an attack on Arayashiki Tower, where the Archive's server is located, so Matsumoto can shut it down using the same virus Yugo used on Diva, which he deduces came from the Archive. However, they end up falling into a trap, resulting in everyone except Vivy and Matsumoto being killed. Cornered, Vivy tries singing her song but ultimately cannot bring herself to, resulting in the satellites falling. Afterward, Vivy breaks down, apologizing to Matsumoto for being unable to comprehend emotions, which he scolds her for by stating she already has emotions and bringing up every time she defied him before revealing that he and Osamu made a backup plan: sending Vivy back in time to when the war just started.


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