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"World's End Modulation – April 11, 2161" is the eleventh episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


“…What was she doing at the end?”

After awakening from her long slumber in the museum, Vivy witnesses a horrific scene where humans are being massacred by AI. The war between humans and AI has broken out, and amidst the confusion, Vivy meets up with Matsumoto. They recognize that the Singularity Project has been a failure, so they search for Dr. Matsumoto, who was the architect behind the one hundred-year journey, in order to resolve the situation.


As AIs all over the world go berserk after having Vivy's song uploaded into them, Vivy herself meets up with Matsumoto, who has no idea what is happening either. They decide to confront Osamu and end up saving him from being killed by AIs as he is about to send this timeline's Matsumoto back in time. After the two fill him in on the situation, he reveals that he is actually a member of Toak's moderate faction and takes them to meet his allies, led by Yugo's granddaughter; Yui Kakitani. They also meet a copy of Elizabeth, who implores Vivy about Yugo and is able to gain closure through a message that his AI copy left behind. With the past already altered, the group realizes this situation was never caused by human-AI animosity and deduces the truth after realizing that outdated AIs are unaffected: the Archive, the network connecting all AIs, has become sentient and gone rogue. Just then, the Archive makes a public message ordering all AIs to evacuate as it intends to drop satellites onto major cities.


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