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"Vivy Score – Singing From My Heart" is the tenth episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


“I fulfilled my promise, Diva.

It has been five years since Vivy has returned and Diva has disappeared. Vivy is being exhibited at the AI museum, and is faced with her defect of being unable to sing. When Matsumoto appears before her again, she finds hope in taking part in the Singularity Project, but he informs her that the project has been completed.


Five years following the Zodiac Signs Fes, Vivy has been relegated as a museum attraction as the "first fully autonomous AI", having lost her singing voice and retiring as an idol following Diva's passing. With Ophelia and Antonio's deaths ruled as a double-suicide and no string of similar incidents occurring like in the original timeline, along with there being no further missions, Matsumoto decides to investigate the anonymous source behind's Yugo future tech, leaving Vivy in solitude. In her solitude, she takes up songwriting and spends the next twenty years trying to compose an original piece, which no AI has done before. In this span of time, she also convenes with regular museum visitor Osamu Matsumoto, Matsumoto's creator in the original timeline, who ends up teaching her about the concept of the "heart", causing her to finally achieve true self-awareness. Afterward, she completes her song, which embodies her life's experiences, and seemingly shuts down for good, having completed her programming. However, she suddenly wakes up fifteen years later to the horrifying discovery that, despite her and Matsumoto's efforts, war has broken out between humans and AIs, who are collectively singing her song.


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