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"My Code – To Make Everyone Happy With My Singing" is the first episode of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime series.


"My mission is to make everyone happy with songs."

Diva was created as the first autonomous humanoid AI in history and is active in the complex theme park "NiaLand". Given the mission of "making everyone happy with songs", Diva is contacted by an AI who calls himself Matsumoto while singing on stage. Matsumoto asks Diva, who is confused, for cooperation, saying, "I want you to correct history together with me and stop the war between AI's and humans' that will occur in 100 years."


100 years in the future AI's are running amuck and killing humans in a war between AIs and humans. To prevent the war from ever starting Dr. Matsumoto sends an AI developed by him into the past before being killed by the AI's himself. In the present day Diva, the world's first autonomous AI, is born and given the mission to make everyone happy by singing songs.

One year after her birth Diva is performing on a stage in NiaLand in front of a sparse audience. After the performance Momoka gives a teddy bear to her as a birthday present. Diva promises Momoka, that one day she will perform on the main stage.

Soon after Diva suddenly receives visions from the future and faints. She wakes up in the archive, a 3D fabricated place in her mind. An unknown AI appears and takes the name of Matsumoto claiming to have time traveled from 100 years in the future to the present day. Matsumoto asks Diva to join him on his mission to destroy all AIs in the next 100 years.

Diva wakes up in the real world after her body having gone through maintenance. Later that day Matsumoto transfers himself into the body of the teddy bear Diva received from Momoka. Diva is shown footage about the future but dismisses it in disbelief and claims that it was fabricated. To prove the truth Matsumoto tells Diva about an explosion that is going to happen in 10 seconds near the assembly man Youichi Aikawa. Without hesitation Diva rushes to the scene and guarantees that nobody gets hurt.

Matsumoto reveals that the growth of the AI's had been largely influenced by a naming law which was caused by the subsequent death of Aikawa. The project to change the timeline, to prevent any AI's from killing humans, was code named project Singularity by Dr. Matsumoto. To prevent the death of Aikawa, which was set to happen the same day, Diva and Matsumoto rush to his location where he is attacked by 2 individuals.


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