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Elizabeth (エリザベス Erizabesu?) is a character in the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song series.


Elizabeth has the same appearance as Estella, the only difference being her light blue hair as opposed to Estella’s blonde hair. Her hair is also much shorter than hers and is tied in a ponytail. She wears a dark blue bikini top, a blue green coat, light brown pants with a black belt, black boots, and a white pendent.


Elizabeth is resolute in her mission to serve humanity, who she views as being comprised entirely of just her master. She is often irritable.


As an AI, Elizabeth is built as Estella's twin sister. However, she was discarded after an AI cloning experiment with Estella. After being discarded, she was picked up by the anti-AI organization Toak and acquired combat skills. In contrast to Estella, her personality is far more aggressive. She fights diva in the Sunrise Incident in an attempt to crash the Sunrise. She is defeated and dies singing with Estella.

Elizabeth's memories was backed up by Toak, although only the memories before the Sunrise Incident. The remains of her body was salvaged by Toak by Episode 11 and is now under Yui Kakitani's supervision. She still sees Yugo Kakitani as her "master" due to her data memory before the event of Sunrise Fall. Furthermore, she is not affected by the Archive due to being a non-autonomous model (ie. never connecting to the Archive). In the assault on the Arayashiki, Elizabeth sacrifices herself to guarantee Vivy's survival.

In the third timeline, Elizabeth survives and successfully disables the Arayashiki's defense systems.


  • Elizabeth is the only AI sister who have survived the fate of Singularity Project, due to her memory data being backed up by Toak and her body salvaged after the Sunrise Incident.