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Diva (ディーヴァ Dīva?), also known as Vivy (ヴィヴィ Vivi?), is the main character of the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song series.


As the world's first autonomous humanoid AI, Diva's appearance is more human-like than the standard AIs of her early life. However, she keeps a light indicator on the side of her neck as all AIs do. She possesses a flawless voice allowing her to fulfill her role as a singer.

Diva sports the appearance of a tall young woman with reflective porcelain skin, long azure hair, and eyes of the same shade. Her hair appears to be thick in volume and is unkempt, being uneven in length all around. Her middle bangs overlap each other and reach around her nose area, while her right bangs are more voluminous than her right bangs.

Her almond-shaped eyes have a unique glow to them, similar to glistening ocean water. Furthermore, despite the human like appearance of her eyes, it is possible upon closer inspection to discern the multiple lenses that make up her eye.

Diva's usual stage attire consists of the color accents of baby blue, dull maroon, white, and black. However, her outfit changes depending on her environment or assignment. An example of which being when she wears the uniform of the Sunrise Hotel.


Diva/Vivy's mission is to make everyone happy with her singing by putting her heart into it. This creates a main dilemma for her, as she seeks to find an answer on what defines a 'heart'.


Diva features her personality as a whole until her clear division between Vivy and Diva in episode 7.

As an AI, Vivy appears to be aloof and somewhat stern. She fails to understand Matsumoto's jokes and does not commiserate with the latter's failed attempts due to her denseness as an AI. She has little to no care about negative comments or insults aimed at her, like Navi's belittling of Vivy's small audience

As she's programmed to find solutions, she can be frank at times, such as asking Matsumoto to relieve the 'virus' even if it was their first time meeting.

Vivy greatly values her mission of making people happy with her singing and is therefore adamant on fulfilling it. She also has difficulties defining "heart" and how to sing with all of her "heart" as an AI since the word is programmed in her processors. While initially reluctant to help Matsumoto fulfill his mission, she ends up helping him later on the condition that Matsumoto's mission will not interfere with her own.

She will instictively go out of her way to help others, such as Kakitani, who is part of an Anti-AI group.

After a devastating incident, Vivy is rebooted and her personality is lost, creating Diva.

In contrast to Vivy, Diva has an extrovert tendency and appears to be easy-going at all times. Throughout 40 years in operation, she is able to socialize with her coworkers with no problem. Diva also waves an "encouraging spirit" around her and ensures to give people inspiration after interacting, which is seen when she consults a new staff member serving as security.

Diva shows her stubbornness to achieve her objectives even if she feels the need to perform unprecedented methods. An obvious example is seen where she jumps from the top of a building and even goes as far as "bribe" Matsumoto with information about Kakitani in exchange for her questions.

Like Vivy, she greatly values her mission of making people happy with her singing and will instinctively help out others in her best way possible. Whilst she is concerned with who she was before rebooted, Diva usually leaves it untouched to focus on her career, but once the matter is discussed, she will show her desire to find out until the very end.

Diva also has a habit of snapping her finger, which might be part of her personality-construction program when rebooted.


AI Naming Law Incident[]

Diva, often referred to as Vivy, works at the theme park NiaLand. After experiencing a critical malfunction, Vivy finds herself in the AI database, the Archive. Here, she encounters Matsumoto, an AI sent from the future to prevent the impending AI uprising occurring in 100 years...

Fall of Sunrise Incident[]

(this arc starts from episode 3)

After the AI Naming Law Incident, Matsumoto enters a 'sleep' for 15 years to prevent any unneccesary interventions with the timeline. After these 15 years, Vivy meets Matsumoto again to begin the second part of the Singularity Project. Although hesitant because of Momoka's death as a result of the first part of the Project, Vivy eventually agrees when reminded of her mission to make everyone happy with her singing. The second part of the Singularity Project is based on preventing the crash of a space hotel, Sunrise, into the Earth. This incident triggered an explosions of mistrust towards AI, contributing to the war between humans and AI. Vivy sneaks on board and plays the role of an attendant and worker on board the Sunrise, while also tracking Estella, who was the one to crash the ship in the previous timeline. However, Vivy concludes that Estella would never do something like this after hearing her response and dedication to her mission. Now, Vivy and Matsumoto uncover and prevent the cause of the crash, revealing Estella's backstory and her relationship to Elizabeth.

Metal Float Incident[]

Ophelia's Suicide Incident[]

World's End Modulation/Fallout of Singularity Project[]

Fluorite Eye's Song[]