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Archive (アーカイブ Ārkaibu?) is an AI database located in Arayashiki in the Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song series. It is the main antagonist of the entire series and alters changes from the Singularity Project to keep the timeline consistent with original history.


The Archive is typically seen in the form of a vibrant, pastel-colored music room. A grand piano and numerous music stands populate its interior. Various light-blue symbols can be found floating in the Archive.

Alternatively, the Archive can manifest as a floating red-colored head with an imposing presence. In this form, the Archive is surrounded by its own manufactured cityscape accompanied by bright red walls.


We first encounter The Archive in Episode 1 after Diva suddenly shuts down and was transported there.

The archive is a shared database for the AIs. Each AI has their own digital "room" in which they can retreat into, whenever they would like or if there is an emergency. The "rooms" of the AIs reflect the mission that is given to them. In Diva's case, her room is modelled after a school's music room, which includes a piano and several music stands.

Other AIs' archives are showcased later on in the series as well.

The Archive is generally used by the AIs to query for information. Vivy, for example, asks The Archive to disclose her the events that happened in the past.

At the end of Episode 11, we learned that The Archive has decided to eradicate all humans, based on their claim that the humans of the 22nd century are overly dependent on the AIs and has regressed as a species. As a result, The Archive controls all of the AIs, with the exception of Vivy, Matsumoto, and Elizabeth, to attack humans. The Archive resolutes to crash all the satellites within orbit, giving only a 24-hour warning for other AIs to evacuate.